Dr. Noll is fan-freaken-tastic!!! I had been struggling with adult onset acne for a number of years and it was taking a toll on my self esteem , professional and personal relationships and my over all wellbeing. I had tried every topical cream, ointment, face wash, toner, and every oral medication out there with the exception of Accutane. I had wanted to take accutane for years but was always told to try a billion other things first. I had recently moved to the Sacramento area and needed to find a new dermatologist. That is when I found Dr. Noll. I made an appointment ( super easy to do, staff there is great) and explained all the ” crap” I’ve tried that didn’t work and that I’m 100% ready to try accutane if she’ll let me. She agreed Accutane ( which is actually not called accutane any longer ) would be a good choice. Dr.Noll explained to me I’d need monthly blood draws to monitor my liver , and cholesterol levels as well as monthly pregnancy tests. Dr.Noll was great at walking me though all the different steps along the way. My whole course took about 7 months and I could not be any happier with my results. I haven’t had a single breakout since!! Dr.Noll also took before and after pictures to keep track of my progress. I deleted most of the bad breakout pictures I had on my phone , but I’ll post my before and afters with what pictures I have left. I’m beyond thankful for Dr.Noll and all that she has done for me and my skin. Best dermatologist ever!