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Meet Dr. Earlyn Noll

Davis Dermatologist

Dr. Noll is a board certified dermatologist specializing in all aspects of skin care. She is committed to providing quality, individualized, and up to date healthcare to her patients. She is professionally trained and experienced in treating the spectrum of skin disorders, and in performing both skin surgeries and cosmetic procedures.

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Dr. Earlyn Noll

Our Mission

Our mission is simple, “to care for our community, one patient at a time.” We focus on exceptional patient care with beautiful natural results.

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I met Dr. Earlyn Noll at a trade show where she was advertising her new ‘Dermatology office’. She is so friendly and sincere I made an appointment to have a free consultation. I have had consultations in the past and the doctors made me feel like cattle, get in and get out. As if anything minor (Or less than $1,000)...

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