I love Dr Noll and her staff. They are always accommodating and very pleasant. Dr. Noll really takes the time to listen to me so that she can give the best possible treatment. She seems to keep up on the latest information regarding cosmetic dermatological procedures and treatments. I have seen her for botox, dermal fillers and general skincare. She gives injections with utmost care in her technique and endeavors to minimize bruising and swelling as much as possible. Her prices are fair. It does seem increasingly difficult to get an appointment as soon as I’d like; however, this is probably not unusual for a private practitioner. I am not surprised that she no longer accepts medical insurance. As someone who has worked in the medical field in the past, I have seen how HMOs and PPOs have negatively affected the care that physicians are able to give their patients. Thank you Dr. Noll for caring about your patients! That is becoming a rarity these days.