Dr. Noll is the most amazing doctor ever. When i started seeing her, my skin was a mess due to constant redness and painful burning cheeks…the first time i met her i was in tears, due to the frustration of my condition…as a busy mom, my needs came last and my skin had paid the price! Dr. Noll was so kind on every single level to help me on my road to recovery…we had to try a few different meds to get me comfortable, and with the help of the laser my condition has vastly improved. i am no longer in pain and i don’t cry every time i look in the mirror. In fact i feel empowered, that i found a fantastic doctor and person to help me heal. Red cheeks are treatable folks! She also treats my entire family for different skin issues. We love our Dr. Noll, and if you are lucky enough to be her patient, you will be super impressed, and well cared for!