I have tried a couple dermatologists in the past couple months as my skin has recently started having cystic breakouts. A cyst appeared on my face about 6 weeks ago and instantly I could tell that It was not going to fade quickly. I visited one dermatologist two weeks ago who gave me an acne injection that ultimately did nothing for my cyst. Feeling a bit discouraged and wondering if my cyst was going to take months to go away ( I have had cysts stay on my face for 3+ months ) I gave Davis Dermatology a call and they were able to get me an appointment the very next day. When I arrived, Dr. Noll was very careful to warn me that another acne injection could result in atrophy of the skin. Willing to risk atrophy, we proceeded with the acne injection and cyst drainage. It has been two days since and my face is looking so much better! I finally have confidence to be outside without wondering if my cyst is terribly noticeable.

I appreciate that the doctor took the time and gave me all the information I could need in order to make my decision and I couldn’t be happier that I made my appointment.