“I found Dr. Noll online and decided to go in for the 15-minute consultation just to ask about products to improve the look & feel of my complexion. I was so pleasantly welcomed by Dr. Noll’s personable, yet highly professional, demeanor and staff! First of all, she didn’t rush me in and out just because it was a free consultation. She took her time and carefully explained what would be best for me, not just pushing products into my hands. I was so surprised by a doctor not insisting I use what she said, but rather listening to me and recommending only what I really needed and could afford. Dr. Noll also didn’t do what I expected this type of doctor to do … start pointing out all my flaws and imperfections and make me feel as though I needed a complete extreme makeover! I felt so comfortable talking with Dr. Noll that I ventured beyond what I would normally ask to learn more about some of the procedures I saw on her website and what they could do for me. Another surprise came when I asked about costs and Dr. Noll actually was able to let me know immediately what the price range was! This was very important to me as it told me right away if the procedures I was interested were affordable to me or not. I went on to have several procedures with Dr. Noll personally performing each and every one with a gentleness and caring that embodies what the healing hands of a physician should be. I am ecstatic about my own results and would highly recommend Dr. Noll to anyone thinking about any type of procedure or just wanting to improve your skin; she is a rare find among doctors!”

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